Untangle Your Team's Potential With Executive Coaching

As a business owner, executive, or leader...you're in a unique position.  For you, stepping into the best version of yourself means igniting the best in others.  That's a gift.

Let's Unpack It.

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An organization can only perform to the level of it's collective leadership.  When your leaders grown and perform...the company grows and performs.

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Leader's Can't Pour from an Empty Cup.  Let's Fill It!

The critical characteristic of any effective executive is the ability to bring out the absolute best in the team around them.  But this can only happen if a leader can bring out the best in his/herself!  Executive coaching gives the leader a unparalleled set of tools for raising their game to the next level - and finally understanding how to bring out the same in others.

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Training is no longer sufficient.  Executive Coaching is next-level.

The tools, techniques and resources that brought leaders to where they are today are not the same tools, techniques and resources required to elevate to the next level. 

Training is designed to close a knowledge gap.  Executive coaching is designed to help leaders close a performance gap...for themselves and others.

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A Cluttered Mind Always Underperforms. It's Time for Clarity.

When it comes to achieving goals and objectives - in both the professional and personal world - clarity is king.  A world-class Executive Coach helps clients get crystal-clear on what they really want, how they plan on achieving it, and uncovering the barriers that are getting in the way.

The coach-client relationship is, by far, the most powerful tool for high-performance leaders and executives.

Introducing the most effective way to launch your organization's leadership to the next level.

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Executive coaches help leaders remain focused and centered.  When leaders are productive, they have more time and capacity to make sure the team remains productive.


When it comes to replacing top executives, preparation is everything.  When all the leaders in the organization are growing, the bench-strength of promotable leaders increases dramatically.


The better the relationships between leaders and team members, the longer good employees stay.  Executive Coaching elevates relationships through increased understanding, insight, and communication.


It's one thing to send leaders to training.  It's another thing to transform that knowledge into tangible results.  Executive coaching goes beyond training and focuses on the barriers preventing leaders from applying what they've learned.

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There's an inherent conflict of personal interest that often exists within an organization preventing leaders communicating with 100% candor.  Executive Coaches serve as an objective listener and voice leaders can count on. 



One of the most powerful benefits of Executive Coaching is the non-authority based accountability that comes with a third-party coach.  World-class Executive Coaches hold clients accountable for agreed upon action items define in coaching sessions.


When a mind operates at a mile-a-minute, it's not a badge of honor, but a predictor of stress, a lack of productivity, and less than optimal decision making.  Executive Coaching helps clients gain clarity, establish priorities, and rid the mind of unwanted distraction.


Productivity is where effectiveness meets efficiency.  It's about doing the right things, at the right time...the right way.  This is at the heart of what Executive Coaching is all about.

Next-Level Leaders Deserve a Next-Level Approach

Over the last decade, our consulting division, Leaderstone has developed leadership programs for hundreds of businesses using our Four Movement Principles Leadership model.  This unique model has allowed for the development of an Executive Coaching process that is laser-focused on organizational leaders.

The agenda is  yours, the process is ours...and the combination is the key to the results you've been looking for.

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A tailored approach for leaders with different experiences and goals - cultivated to produce next-level results!

Taking leadership presence to the next level is a journey, and no two people are in the exact same place.  We offer a customized experience for every client so they can reap the benefits of world-class executive coaching - no matter their starting point

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World-Class Executive Coaching delivered in all the ways that matter.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

We work with leaders and executives 1:1 in game-changing sessions geared to gain clarity on objectives, uncover barriers, and provide personal accountability.

Powerful, Impactful...and Convenient

Group Sessions

Group sessions are often the most powerful experience for leaders engaging in Executive Coaching.  This allows individuals to see different scenarios and challenges other executives are experiencing as well.

On-Demand Sessions

Not all situations happen as scheduled or planned.  Our program offers sessions to clients when things get rough, not just when it fits into our calendar!

Hear what some of  your clients are saying...

"Going through this process gave me so much clarity that I didn't even know I needed.  This is definitely going to help me take my business to the next level.  I highly recommend Kevin!"

- Jamie D. (Entrepreneur)

"YOUR COACHING ROCKS!  This recent session is going to help my business explode! It's palpable!  The creativity is flowing, flowing, flowing! The takeaway here is PAY KEVIN WHATER HE ASKS!   You're amazing...Thank You!"
- Niomi L. D. (Entrepreneur)

"I'm amazed at how much support and experience Kevin shares...and I really appreciate his energy when it's needed.  I learned so much in just one session! Thank you!

Jenny H. (Executive Coach)"

"Kevin, I've worked on these questions for years and just love how simple you make things feel for us without "dumbing it down".  Thanks for giving us what many other coaches don't and sweating it out with us!  I know it will take me to the next level." 
Amy D. (Actress and Entrepreneur)

Kevin Shabaar Smith, MBA, HCS, SPHR

Your Lead Executive Coach...

  • Owner, The Kevin Shabaar Smith Co. & Leaderstone® Brand
  • M.B.A Penn State University 
  • Certified Executive Coach, Trainer and Speaker
  • Certified Quality Management Trainer and Auditor
  • Certified Human Capital Strategist
  • Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources
  • Lean Operations Champion
  • Six Sigma  Green Belt
  • Simplifier of Business Stuff
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